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Man Who Robbed Kim Kardashian Releases Memoir On The Incident: Everything Went Smoothly !



Kim Kardashian

Man Who Robbed Kim Kardashian Writes His Experience In A Book

Four years ago, Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris. The news became sensational and Kim was shocked to her core. One of the robbers Yunice Abbas decided to tell his side of the story and what led to him robbing Kim. His book is called ‘I Kidnapped Kim Kardashian‘. Moreover, he revealed the reason behind why he wrote the book. He said, “The jurors will have to decide, and in theory, they’ll do it based only on what’s presented to them in court, but 50 stories have already been told about all this — I wanted to tell my truth, the one I’ve lived.”

Kim Kardashian

Source: Economic Times

Yunice Abbas Reveals Kim Kardashian Gave The Jewels Without Hesitation

Yunice Abbas revealed that everything about the robbery went as they had planned. Moreover, Kim Kardashian was also very cooperative and immediately handed over the jewels. He said, “It went fast, maybe five, six, seven minutes, from entry to exit, because everything went smoothly. Nobody interfered, the victim handed over the jewels without resistance.”

Yunice Abbas Is Scared About Returning To Prison

Yunice Abbas revealed that he is scared about returning to prison. Moreover, he was in jail for 22 months but was later released on health ground. He even had heart surgery and expects the jury to take that into consideration. Moreover, he said, “My fear is returning to prison, my health is no longer good. If you have an attack, you might have to wait hours before they can do anything, with catastrophic results.”
Kim Kardashian

Source: Hello Magazine

Yunice Reveals He Was Scared About Robbing Kim Kardashian

Yunice revealed that he was scared about robbing Kim but he tried to act as calm as possible. Moreover, he said, “I was shutting the door and they looked at me, so I gave a little sign, like a salute. They were just on one of their rounds, but obviously, I was nervous. I looked calm, or at least I tried to, and it worked.”

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