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Kylie Jenner And Kendall Call Caitlyn Jenner As DAD…Even After She Came Out !



Caitlyn Jenner Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner And Kendall Still Call Caitlyn Jenner As Dad

Kylie Jenner came on the YouTube channel of Caitlyn Jenner to do makeup on her. While doing her dad’s makeup, the two were making conversations about the past. Moreover, it included the time when Caitlyn came out as a transgender. Kylie revealed during the conversation that she and Kendall still call Caitlyn as their dad. Furthermore, she said, “Sometimes people get really confused when Kendall and I still call you dad. I know we had a talk a few years ago, and you were okay with us still calling you dad. How do you feel about that now?”

Caitlyn Jenner Kylie Jenner

Source: Glamour

Caitlyn Jenner Feels Kylie Jenner Calling Her Dad Is The Best Decision

Caitlyn had a talk with Kylie about her pronouns as a transgender. However, Kylie and Kendall could never get over calling her dad. Caitlyn feels letting them call her dad was the best decision. Moreover, she said, “It was one of the best decisions I made. nd sometimes this community can be pretty tough, especially when it comes to pronouns and everybody’s got an opinion, and on and on and on. But I really felt from the beginning that I got to do it my way that works for me, and everybody out there has to do it their way, which works for them.”

Caitlyn Jenner Kylie Jenner

Source: Cosmopolitan

Caitlyn Jenner Feels She Will Always Be Dad For Kylie

Kylie and Kendall have been calling Caitlyn as dad for years. It naturally became difficult for them to call her mom after she came out. However, that was not a problem as Caitlyn also prefers to be called Dad by the two. She said, “Some people say ‘Oh, you’re the mother.’ No, I’m not — I’m the dad, and I’ve been the dad the whole way. I will be their father until the day they die, or I die.”

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