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New Twist! Is the Zomato Delivery Guy the Attacker or the Victim?!




Content Creator Punched by Zomato Delivery Guy?

The internet has been taken by storm since Wednesday after a Bangalore-based content creator, Hitesha Chandranee claims that she has been punched by a delivery person. The delivery person works for the famous food delivery app called Zomato. Moreover, Hitesha Chandranee, posted a video on social media. She alleged that the incident happened on Tuesday, following an argument over a delay in delivery. She claimed the delivery person barged into her house. He also verbally abused and assaulted her resulting in a fracture to her nasal bone.


Source: OpIndia

Hitesha Chandranee Filed A Police Complaint

She registered a complaint with Bengaluru’s electronic police station, based on which, the delivery executive was taken into custody, said police. She furthermore told the police that she placed an order on the Zomato app around 3.20 pm. Even after an hour, when she didn’t receive the order, she contacted support to cancel the order or provide a refund. As she was talking to customer service, the delivery person arrived. She took the order, but when she told him to wait, she claims, he started abusing her.

Zomato Delivery GuyAsks If He Was A Slave

She further continued “He started screaming at me, saying ‘Am I a slave or what? You are asking me to wait here.’ It was really threatening for me. I tried to shut my door but he pushed the door, took my order from the table by entering my home, punched me in my face, and ran away.”


Source: Business Today

Delivery Executive Presents an Entirely Different Version of The Story

Police said the delivery executive presented a different version of the story. “According to him, he wanted to hand over the food and get on with another delivery. The woman demanded a refund, which was beyond his capacity. As she refused to accept the order, there was a verbal altercation. When she tried to hit him with her sandals, he pushed her in self-defense, which resulted in the injury,” said an electronic city police station official.

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