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40-year-old Man Who Was Accused Of Attacking An Elderly Woman Found



On Friday morning a 40-year-old man tried to rob an elderly woman in the open streets of San Francisco. The 40-year-old attack the woman badly and snatched her stuff and ran away. However, he was later chased and detailed by a good Samaritan. The identity of the man was later revealed with several more pieces of information. Check out everything you need to know about it.

The 40-year-old, Accused

A person named Christopher Nadon, Who is 40 years old was detained on Friday after attacking and robbing an elderly woman. The man assaulted the woman who was in her late 80s. The incident took place at around 9 AM in the middle of San Francisco Street. The incident was considered to damage the basic ground of humanitarian. As the woman was very aged and the men tried to attack her before robbing her stuff.

Picture via google images.

Witnesses who saw the entire situation give all the details to the police. Where they confirmed that Christopher first pushed the woman to the ground. He later tried to assault her while snatching everything she has. After getting the stuff he wanted he ran away. And was later chased by a Samaritan.  Luckily the accused was caught and sent to the cops.


According to the police, two Samaritans were involved in the incident. The first was chased down to the streets. Later another of them saw the accused and pushed them to the ground. Both of them caught him and called the cops. The police appreciate their efforts to do so.


The victim was an Asian American and suffered no threatening life injuries. She, however, was sent to the doctor as her family was concerned due to her age. But she was declared we’ll. The incident was again considered to be based on race. As hundreds of Asians in America have faced crimes since the pandemic started. The accused man is still under police investigation. Stay tuned with us for more details about US local news.

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