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5 Celebs Who Nailed The Bodycon Dresses



Celeb: Sophie Turner


Sophie Turner was photographed out multiple times this summer, she looked gorgeous and truly was dressed up for the season. Turner knocked on a pastel blue bodycon skirt with a white t-shirt, sunglasses, and a mask giving us a different style to look forward to.

The Celeb outfit was comfortable yet easy-to-style dresses, it may be time you invested in Sophie Turner’s latest look and can be thought of by expecting pregnant moms.

Celeb: Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence has extremely adorable features and they look their best in the attires they choose for themselves.

Jennifer Lawrence who has appeared in various movies like the Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, Red Sparrow, Mother, etc is a fabulous actress who is accomplished in her acting performance as well as her fashion display. No doubt Celeb is gorgeous and keeps a high level of fashion quotient. She has tried her hands on bodycon dresses and looks absolutely stunning in them.

Celeb: Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba is again a sexy actor who has performed in the films Honey, Fantastic Four, The Eye, Valentine’s Day, and many more. She is a trendy actress who has endorsed many brands and is listed to be one of the beautiful actresses in Hollywood. Celeb has properly chosen some great body-con dresses for the red carpet to highlight the great shape of the body.

Kate Winslet


Celeb Kate Winslet who is remembered for her English period drama films and other various films is a great actress and has a great body. She always looks sexy and sultry in her looks and loves to dress up. She surely pulls that body-con dress and looks beautiful in it.

Selena Gomez


The American pop Celeb, Selena Gomez, is no doubt a phenomenal actress and a singer and also has a great sense of fashion. She has been spotted bringing up new fashion trends for various occasions. From party outfits to casual wear, she has nailed all of them. Celeb is spotted in the tiger print, jumpsuit, and bodycon dresses very often and she looks absolutely gorgeous and bold in all of them.

Today we feature these actresses in their bodycon outfits and they look like the perfect glam dolls. Have a good look!

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