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A Mother Goes Viral For Hiding Trump’s Presidency From Her Son For 4 Year’s. Faces Backlash!



An American mother has recently claimed that she kept hidden Trump‘s presidency from her child for four years. Her message has gone viral on the internet and fans are going crazy about it. People don’t understand why the mother would hide Trump‘s presidency from her son. The mother claims that hi sir knows about Barack Obama‘s presidency and Biden elects currently. But her son doesn’t know Who Donald Trump is. Check out everything in need to know about it.


Adults are questioning the mothers parenting choices and her upbringing. as she doesn’t inform her children about Trump‘s presidency for almost 4 years. The mother‘s son is six years old and he only knows about Barack Obama‘s and Biden‘s elect currently. For almost 4 years the mother made his son believe that Barack Obama was re-elected during Trump‘s presidency. The son doesn’t even know who Trump is and if he exists.

The Shocking Message

A lengthy message was originally posted in a binders group on Facebook. And that is how the whole chaos started. there a woman claimed that her six-year-old son does not know about Donald Trump‘s presidency. And that she has lied to him that Barack Obama was re-elected. Also now Biden has been elected as the President. The message went viral all over the internet,  especially on Twitter. And caught the attention of thousands and thousands of people.

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Soon after this message from the mother went viral all over the social media people went crazy about it. At first, many did not even believe it. However several other people started questioning the mothers upbringing and parenting. people believed that it was wrong for her mother to do and hide such a big thing from his son. People thought she was misguiding him to such a big extent.

The Mother Shocks People

The message started with the woman saying that it is still 2008 in her home. Anderson still believes that Barack Obama was the president until Biden became and elect. she claims that or four years and does not know who Trump is and if he exists or no. She then claimed that since 2016 she has change the way her family members perceive information. She makes her family members believe only the things that are important and could be right in her opinion.


And there were many more claims that she made regarding how she hides things from not just her son but her family members and make them believe completely different things. This was something that fans and people just couldn’t believe. It was very shocking for the people to even know how such big things can be hide it from anybody.


The mother even faced backlash for doing what she did. She received a lot of hate from people all around the world for misguiding her Family members and mainly her son. What do you think about the mother?

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