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Stimulus Check For Small Businesses, Restaurants & Airlines? Look What Nancy Pelosi Has To Say!



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 Stimulus Check For Small Businesses, Restaurants & Airlines? Look What Nancy Pelosi Has To Say!: On Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi talked about a possibility on a new stimulus check. The bill will help small businesses, restaurants, and airlines as the USA’s economy is shrinking, and there are millions of unemployed families out there.

This new legislation will cost $2.4 trillion to $3.4 trillion in comparison to the HEROES Act passed by the Democrats in April. The GOP said that the stimulus package is too costly, making both the Democrats and Republicans leave the bargaining table.

Stimulus Check

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New Stimulus Check & An Agreement

Recently, Pelosi, D-California said in a Democratic leadership meeting: “We are still striving for an agreement.”

Pelosi further added:

“Not only just unemployment and airlines, but this stimulus check will help local and state governments, a sticking point for Republicans. The money will help small businesses, rental services, and U.S. postal service, which will also help the election security.”

Considering the ongoing pandemic, and the surge in America, a second bill seems like utter importance. Moreover, some Democrats have urged Pelosi to resume the negotiations for another check.

In The Talks

As of now, Nancy Pelosi is in negotiating terms with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Mnuchin is going to continue working for this bill, as it’ll help millions of Americans.

Recently, America became the number 1 country with the most affected by COVID. Thus, this bill will help several low- wage Americans who couldn’t afford to live throughout this pandemic.

But, it’s not all good for Pelosi; several leaders are calling it as her plan. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy recently called Pelosi’s bill as ‘nothing but politics.’ That is to say, he added:

“It shows again she’s not serious about getting a COVID relief bill, that she’s just playing politics.”

Lastly, the bill is still in talks, and the authorities haven’t made any official statements. Sources say that the Congress would return to Washington in a few days and give their vote on this stimulus check.


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