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Alec Baldwin Defends Himself For Playing Donald Trump Amid Trump Testing Positive For Coronavirus!



Alec Baldwin Defends Himself On Playing Donald Trump

Alec Baldwin and Jim Carey recently played the character of Donald Trump and Joe Biden in SNL. They made a sketch poking fun at the presidential debate that was chaotic and below expectations due to constant interruptions from Donald Trump. Alec Baldwin received a lot of backlash from people, especially Trump and Republican fans, for playing Trump at a time in SNL. However, Alec defended himself in his recent Instagram post that they only talked about the debate and did not say anything regarding his illness. He said:

“We thought the debate was something topical, and we didn’t have anything with him in a hospital bed, but we had the debate.”

Donald Trump Alec Baldwin

Source: CNN

Alec Baldwin Feels He Did Not Mock The Illness Of Donald Trump

Alec Baldwin thinks that the presidential debate was topical, and there was no reason as to why SNL should not talk about it. Moreover, Baldwin feels that by not talking about the discussion, he was in no way making fun of Trump testing positive for coronavirus. He said:

“You’d have to have a very good reason to avoid that, topicality-wise, and nobody thought that they were mocking somebody’s illness by doing that.”

Alec Baldwin Feels SNL Would Never Make Fun Of The Illness Of Donald Trump

Alec Baldwin feels SNL will never create content that will poke fun at someone’s illness. He has seen it on previous occasions where the content was changed for the same purpose. He said:

“I would bet you everything I have that we wouldn’t even get near that, in terms of the content of the show. They would have done something else. I’ve seen that happen before.”

Donald Trump Alec Baldwin

Source: Washingtonian

Donald Trump Admitted To Hospital

Trump’s condition has improved since then, and he released pictures of him working from the hospital. Moreover, he also visited his fans outside the hospital while sitting inside his car.

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