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Alec Baldwin On Kissing Jennifer Aniston In 30 Rock: It Was Painful !



Alec Baldwin Jennifer Aniston

Alec Baldwin Had A Hard Time Kissing Jennifer Aniston

Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Aniston shared a bold scene in 30 Rock. Any other guy in Hollywood would die to have such a scene with Jennifer. She is the face of sexy and almost every guy has a crush on her. However, Alec Baldwin seems to have a different opinion. Apparently, he did not have the best time kissing her and called it close to horrible. Moreover, he said, “It was painful.” That is some bold thing that he said on kissing one of the hottest women in Hollywood.

Alec Baldwin Jennifer Aniston

Source: NBC

Alec Baldwin Does Not Know How Other Managed To Kiss Jennifer Aniston

Alec Baldwin calling his kiss with Jennifer painful is one of the most savage things. However, he did not stop himself there. He went on to further humiliate Jennifer and said that he had no idea how other men from Hollywood managed to kiss Jennifer. Moreover, he said, “I mean, every man who’s had to make out with her in TV and movies — I don’t know how they do it.” This is surely a huge insult but one wonders if Alec said it as a joke to poke fun at Jennifer.

What Could Be The Reason Behind Jennifer’s Awful Kiss

After the painful words from Alec, one wonders as to what was the reason behind Jennifer’s awful kiss. In the past, there have been reports that Jennifer was addicted to caffeine and alcohol at one point in her life. Both of them might have contributed to a bad breath for her. This connects to the bad kiss that Alec had to go through.

Alec Baldwin Jennifer Aniston

Source: NBC

Alec Baldwin And Jennifer Aniston Are Now Busy In Their Own Ways

Alec Baldwin is currently busy spending time with his family after the birth of his fifth child with Hilaria. On the other hand, Jennifer has been with her career writing scripts during quarantine.

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