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Amber Heard And Marilyn Minter Joins Hands To Shoot Ad-films



Marilyn Minter

Marilyn Minter Make Ad-film With Amber Heard

Amber Heard the American actress, recently in the news for her ongoing divorce case against the husband, Johnny Depp. And that is affecting her upcoming great movie project, Aquaman 2. News spreading about she exposed in the case and marked as a domestic abuser. But artist Marilyn Minter does not think the same way, and thus she has taken the actress to shoot for her new ad-film related to the Presidential election,2020 defence of reproductive rights.

Marilyn Minter signs the actress for her ad-film which she shoots for the American presidential election 2020. In the ad-film, she made a point defence of reproductive rights and portrayed a powerful woman in the background.

The Ad-film Is To Protect Women Rights

Amber Heard was beautiful in the ad-film, and she did complete justice to the story. In the video, Marilyn Minter appeals to all the women to cast their votes. Because it’s high time for all the women to stand for their rights and vote according to their choice, Minter said Women should vote to protect their rights.

Women’s reproductive freedom is a matter of fact, and everybody should be aware of this, especially women should have a vast idea about the topic. It is mainly because of the immense ignorance of women’s rights. Also, women are not aware of their rights.

Marilyn Minter


Marilyn Minter starts off her ad-film featuring Amber Heard “the greatest menace to freedom is an inert people”. The filming is done in a vapoured glass, and quotes are sprayed in the mirror. It comes out beautiful. Also, “my body, my mind, my rights” spread in the glass pane, which gives a strong message to all the women out there.

Amber Did Justice To The Ad

The artist, through this beautiful ad, urges all the women to vote according to their choice in the 2020 Presidential vote. The ad-film portrayed very nicely, and the artistic element makes it more beautiful. Amber Heard as always brings the best out of the short film.

Amber Heard is having a tough time around her new movie release Aquaman 2. Husban Johnny wants creators to remove her entirely from the film, and fans also demand her removal from the movie. However, it’s not possible to remove all the scenes because she is an integral part of the film. But the filmmaker announced they shorten the screen span if needed.

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