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Amber Heard To Star In Stephen King’s 1978 Thriller…Based On A PANDEMIC !



Amber Heard

Amber Heard To Star In Stephen King’s 1978 Thriller The Stand

Amber Heard is all set to feature in the adaption of Stephen King’s 1978 pandemic thriller The Stand. The miniseries is a story on th backdrop of a pandemic. Now with the coronavirus pandemic going on, the show has found a place in itself. Amber Heard gave an interview regarding the same and talked about the similarity and dissimilarity in the plot. Moreover, he said, “You know, on set, we used to joke around by saying, ‘Hey, it’s day four of the pandemic,’ and now.. wow. Our story is very different from what’s going on now, of course, but you do understand the similarities.”

Amber Heard

Source: The Hindu

Amber Heard Talks About Her Pandemic Miniseries

Amber Heard gave some insight on what people can expect from The Stand. It is set in the post-apocalyptic world and is an out and out thriller. Moreover, she said, “It is based on a global pandemic that wipes out most of the population of Earth and leaves with it the best and the worst of humanity, and exemplifies them. And in an ultimate battle for the best survival of our species, the show details how we don’t just survive, but how we thrive and come together to do so.”

Amber Gives Some Insight On Her Latest Series

Amber Heard went on to give some more details of her series. She plays a character called Nadine. Moreover, she said, “One of the key themes on the show is that beyond redemption, everyone has a choice to make always. With Nadine, part of the real tragedy is that her choices are so much more difficult.”

Amber Heard

Source: The Hindu

Amber Opens Up About Her Character Nadine

Amber Heard went on to talk about her own character Nadine. Moreover, she said, “She has been raised from an early age to follow a certain path, and she has executed that mission. An important point in the arcs of our characters is really where they’re met with temptation. That’s what makes Nadine’s path heart-breaking.”

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