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Amber Heard To Take Over The Pirates Of The Caribbean From Johnny Depp?



The ongoing battle between on their heart and Johnny Depp is getting uglier day by day. The battle is continuing since years now but things are not getting any better. recently Johnny Depp lost the libel battle against The Son. after which they face a lot of consequences the worst ones being related to his profession. Last time we chat she was removed from the famous fantastic beast series. after which rumours are being circulated that Amber Heard is taking over the pirates of the Caribbean as well. Check out everything you need to know about it.


According to a recent report, Amber Heard had talked to Margot Robbie for her appearance in Pirates of the Caribbean. Amber wants to play a special yet short role in the movie. Which basically indicates towards Johnny Depp‘s role in it. Since after the ugly ongoing battle there’s no way possible that the producer and director would want the 2 to work together. Or either of them would willingly want to work with each other.

Will Amber Take Over?

A few weeks back Johnny Depp confirmed that he has been removed from the fantastic beast series. The sad news was shared on his social media handle very uploaded a picture of text written. He shared his side of the story claiming that he has not done anything bad for which he is getting so much hate. Depp even claimed that Warner Bros have asked him to resign from the movie. And that the divorce battle is affecting his professional life.

Picture via google images.

It was very sad news for Johnny Depp and he’s fans. As the viewers were expecting to see him on screen in fantastic beast from a very long time. Whatever happened with Depp was unfair. however, he received the full payment for just shooting once seen. soon after the news went viral on the internet millions of people started attacking Amber Heard. Fans believe that heard was the reason all this was happening. And that she should receive similar treatment as well.


However,  things are getting messy are now as Amber Heard has approached to act in the Pirates of the Caribbean as well. however there is n, there is no confirmation if she’ll get the role or not since the producers are still discussing the whole. however the viewers believe that having Amber Heard would be a risk to Johnny Depp leaving. as we can expect him to leave after all the chaos that happened.

Depp’s Loss

Johnny Depp literally lost one of the biggest project and some of his reputation because of the divorce battle. How can we expect him to star in the movie if Amber Heard is there. Margot Says that he is still in the talk with the producer and the director still thinking about the whole scenario. There is no confirmation if Amber Heard would be starring in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean. But one thing that we can for sure expect is the fact that if ember stars Johnny would leave.


The news of amber trying to star in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean has went viral on the internet and millions of people are trolling Amber Heard on the internet for a game trying to steal Johnny’s role.


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