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An Ohio Man Arrested In Charge Of Theft And Shoplifting Walmart Shop



Walmart shop

Walmart Shop Saved From A Scam

A 37 years old man recently arrested for stealing merchandise from a Walmart shop. His name is Bradley Young and a resident of E. Alhambra Circle, North Naples. The young guy previously also found in a similar case, and he was trying to steal a significant amount this time from the shop.

He was trying to steal the product from one of Naples Walmart shop outlets and those cost around $1000. Reportedly a store loss prevention officer watched him take kool-aid packets worth 24 cents. And by that, he was about to steal merchandise around $1000.  

Loss Prevention Officer Caught Him Red Handed 

The officer said the guy was previously found in a similar incident and she immediately recognises him. She also entered the Walmart shop and started chasing her. The guy has a big backpack where he was putting all the lifted merchandise excluding the kool-aid packets. She was pretending to be a customer and follow him to the counter. Where he only asked to bill the Kool-aid packets along with some small staffs in his hand.

He then shows a mobile snap of an earlier receipt and got cashback. By the time the Sherif deputies have reached the place and fought him. The store loss prevention officer of the Walmart shop informs everything to the deputies and Bradley got arrested immediately. 

The Merchandises He Tried To Steal

The items he tried to steal are a scooter worth $248, $160 worth of batteries, and a navigation system for $120. And for all this, he paid only $25 and tried to escape. He went to the customer with a soda and fan and claimed to return them by showing the receipt. But could not continue this further as the officer recognised him from the previous incident and handed over him to the cops.

Walmart shop

Source: The Motley Fool

The guy came with a proper plan and on the way to steal products of a considerable amount. However, the officers right thinking at the right time save Walmart shop from a scam of worth $1000. Reportedly Young was a convicted felon and put behind bars for a similar reason.

He is now behind jail and charges of theft and shoplifting have put against him. He might be jailed for several years and also can be fined immensely.

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