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Angelina Jolie Reveals That She Was Approached To Direct 50 Shades Of Grey But She Denied.



This news will just talk you guys more than anything at the moment. The news has come out that claims that Angelina Jolie was the first choice to direct ‘fifty shades of grey’. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan Who acted as anaesthesia and Christian Grey respectively have gotten immense love and fame after the release of their movie. however nobody knew that Angelina Jolie was their first choice as a director. Will Angelina Jolie be directing two of them in future? Check out everything you need to know about it.


The news have gone all over the internet like a wildfire. And fans still cannot believe that Angelina Jolie was the first choice to direct 50 shades of Grey. And it is also claimed that for the future franchise of the movie Angelina Jolie might direct it with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. And that is not all there is more coming to it that is divided by 900 and Angelina Jolie herself.

Angelina Jolie To Direct This Movie?

In a recent entertainment interview Angelina Jolie revealed that she was asked to direct 50 shades of grey. She was also asked to work with the two superstars in the movie several time. However, later Angelina Jolie was asked why she did not direct the movie when she got the offer. To which Angelina Jolie very calmly responded claiming that she is good at directing some movies than the others. And she was in so sure about the content she was going to be creating through the movie.

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Angelina response is justified enough. As the beautiful lady has directed several amazing movies like Unbroken, By The Sea and First They Killed My Father to name a few. Even though she is working on several projects for directing some of the best movies that is yet to come. Angelina Jolie is not just a Hollywood stop a listed actress but also a famous director to work with.

Fans Responses And More

Moreover she even claimed that if in future any franchisee of 50 shades of Grey‘s maid Angelina Jolie will be directing it for sure. After the movie was released she saw it And loved it a lot. She believed that the movie was really amazing and she could have directed it as well. But the beautiful director was taking a time to acknowledge what kind of content she is able to direct. Moreover, the future franchisee of the same movie could be directed by her.


Soon after the news of Angelina Jolie directing 50 shades of Grey‘s franchisee in future came out. Fans went crazy about it. They even even started making several statements about it as how Will Angelina Jolie direct such a bold movie where the superstars and the actors are naked most of the time. However, most of her fans showed her immense love and support for her statement. as for the fans they believe that Angelina Jolie would be a great director for 50 shades of grey or any other movie. What do you think about it?


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