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Angelina Jolie Zombie Girl Sentenced For 10 Years Behind The Bars.



The Iranian woman who Who tried to look like Angelina Jolie‘s zombie sentenced to imprisonment for 10 long years. it was one of the scariest things that shocked the world. A woman posted pictures online of Angelina Jolie‘s zombie has been confirmed to be behind the bars for 10 years. According to several reports she was trying to look like Angelina Jolie in pictures and scare her fans. Fans were however very shocked and scared with the attempt. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Recently a woman named Sahar Tabar caught a lot of attention from people all around the world. It was for the viral pictures from 2017. According to the reports, Sahar’s real name is Fatemeh Khishvand. And she’s just a 19 year old girl who is violating her countries Republican and disrespecting a famous celebrity. It is claimed that she has been sentenced to 10 years of jail.


Angelina Jolie A Zombie?


A few days back a bunch of pictures from a girl’s profile went viral. The pictures were taken in 2017. The pictures were of a girl who tried to look like zombie of Angelina Jolie. She did her make up and used photo shop software to make herself look like it in the pictures. And let me tell you guys she was exactly looking like Angelina Jolie but in a bad manner where she was trying to look like a zombie. The picture created big chaos all over the internet.


At first, people thought the girls face look like that because of failures in multiple surgeries. However, later it got to the knowledge that she was intentionally trying to look like Angelina Jolie’s zombie by using makeup and photoshop software. The scary pictures of Angelina Jolie zombie went viral on the internet. With millions of people already have seen it and shared it.

Fans Reactions

When the picture first went viral people were damn confused shocked and scared. It was very difficult for people to understand what exactly it was. Thousands of people believed that the pictures were of a girl with failed surgeries over trying to look like Angelina Jolie. However, the truth was different and as soon as the truth came out fans were furious. It made fans very angry for any girl to do so and disrespect a celebrity trying to look like her zombie version.

Picture via Twitter.

However, people from the Iran country recently confirmed that the girl is sentenced to imprisonment. she will be behind the bars for 10 long years. For disrespecting the Iran Republican rules and violating young peoples mind. And not just that for also disrespecting a famous celebrity trying to look like her zombie version. However many Iranian people came to the young girls support. claiming that she was just 19 year old and was too young to do all this things she shouldn’t have. Fans even tagged Angelina Jolie and asked her to raise the voice and protect the girl this time.


However Angelina Jolie has not reacted to any of it yet. Stay tuned with us for more such details about your favourite TV show and celebrity.

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