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Arnold Schwarzenegger Heaps Praise On Son-In-Law Chris Pratt: He Is A Fantastic Guy !



Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls Chris Pratt A Great Husband And Son-In-Law

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently gave an interview where he opened up on his relationship with Chris Pratt. For those of you who don’t know, Chris Pratt married the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger – Katherine. When asked about Chris, Arnold had nothing but an immense about of respect and praise for him. He called him a great son-in-law and husband to her daughter Katherine. Moreover, he said, “Chris is a fantastic guy, and so easy to get along with. He’s been such a wonderful husband and a great son-in-law.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Chris Pratt

Source: People

Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals Chris Pratt Is Disciplined With His Work

Arnold Schwarzenegger has seen the best and worst of life. He has struggled in his life and worked very hard to reach where he is right now. Even at this age, he maintains a fitness that no other actor of the current generation has. This shows that he values people who are hardworking and have discipline in life. So when someone like Arnold praises Chris Pratt for hard work and discipline, you take his words for face value. He said, “He’s very, very disciplined with his work.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals He Gets Along Easily With Chris

Arnold shares a great bond with Chris. He has checked everything that Arnold would want in her daughter’s husband. As per Arnold, Chris treats Katherine with respect and shares a good bond with him. Moreover, he said, “He’s wonderful to Katherine, and to [ex-wife Maria Shriver], and to me, and we have a great relationship with him, he’s really a great, great guy.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Chris Pratt

Source: Page Six

Arnold Tweets About Election And Voters

Arnold recently made a tweet on the elections and thanked everyone for actively participating in it. Moreover, he said, “America gave me everything. Spending my money to open polling places was one of the best investments I have ever made. Thank you to every election administrators & poll worker around the country for your dedication to all of our voters.”

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