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Ashley Darby Shares Insta-scam Story She Fell For!



Ashley Darby

Ashley Darby In “We Should Talk”

The Real Housewives Star Ashley Darby had a tremendous journey in the show. And she enjoyed doing the performance very much while entertaining the fans. Ashley is a mother of one and carrying her second child. She recently featured in a talk show named We Should Talk.

In the show, she revealed many unknown insights into her life. Ashley Darby is a lady who speaks her heart out and in the talk show also she spokes various aspects of her life. She shared the experience of her motherhood and her recent pregnancy.

It’s been months, and COVID-19 has grasped the world. People are quarantined for a long time now and mostly at home. It is not possible to go out and buy your necessary accessories. Thus online shopping is the only way to bring home the products one needs.

She Spokes About Her Shopping In Quarantine

Moreover, it is pretty dull at home, and shopping becomes an addiction for many to overcome boredom. Ashley Darby is no different, and she is shopping a lot from various online platforms. In We Should Talk The Real Housewives star shares her quarantine shopping experience and it was a fun talk with the host.

Ashley Darby


While asking about her shopping, Ashley Darby shares what did she shop for in this pandemic. As a mother and a would-be mother, her children are her priority, and she bought most things for her son. Darby purchased an air purifier for her son’s room and a potty training book written by her co-star.

The Instagram Scam

Ashley darby speaks about the Instagram scam she fell for. She ordered a maternity shirt which reaches after two months. Ashley was searching for some product which makes her life a little easier and the shirt seems ideal for her. She could put her baby in it while wearing the shirt and do other works.

But shop it from an Instagram site was a real mistake. She guessed it by the delay, and as soon as she started using it, her baby fell out from it. So that was a real scam, and she is a bit conscious now. She won’t order anything from those sites as these are pretty unreliable.

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