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Barack Obama Had Dinner With His Family Everyday During His Presidency !



Barack Obama

Barack Obama Tried To Become A Father That Was Not Like His Father

Barack Obama has always asserted that he did not have a father to protect him while growing up. He is coming up with a new book called A Promised Land where he talks about his equation with his family and many more things. He revealed that he became a father that he expected from his father but never got it from him. Moreover, he said, “The fact that my own father was largely absent from my childhood helped shape my ideas about the kind of father I intended to be.

Barack Obama

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Barack Obama Promised To Be There For His Kids No Matter What

Barack Obama is a family man. When he became a father, he made a promise to be with his kids and spend time with them. Moreover, he said, “When Malia was born, I made a promise to myself that my kids would know me, that they’d grow up feeling my love keenly and consistently, knowing that I’d always put them first.

Barack Obama Had Dinner With His Family Every Day In His Eight Years Of Presidency

Being a President means to keep the country above everything. While he did that, he also made it a point to be with his family every day. In the book, he revealed that he had dinner with his family every day during his time as the President. However busy his schedule maybe, he made it a point to have dinner with family and catch up with them. Moreover, he said, “While serving as President, I made sure to have dinner with Michelle, Sasha, and Malia every evening by 6:30. We’d eat some good meals and catch up on our days. That was one of the best parts of living above the store, as I sometimes called it.”

Barack Obama

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Obama Dedicates His Autobiography To Michelle And His Kids

Obama has dedicated his book to his wife and kids. He said, “I’m reminded constantly that there’s no place in the world I’d rather be than with Miche and our girls—and it’s why I’ve dedicated my memoir to them.”

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