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Barack Obama Reveals The Best Quality Of Joe Biden- He CARES !



Barack Obama Joe Biden

Barack Obama Reveals Why He Trusts Joe Biden

Barack Obama recently gave an interview where he opened up on his Vice-President and current President-elect Joe Biden. Obama trusts Biden and his intellect to run the country. It is simply because Obama feels Biden cares for the people. He said, “He is constantly asking himself, how does this affect real people? How does this affect families? How is this gonna affect kids? Because he cares about them, you’re not gonna see him make decisions that may be good for a handful of special interests, or be good for short-term politics, but bad for the American people. I trust him there.”

Barack Obama Joe Biden

Source: People

Joe Biden Treats People With Kindness, Says Barack Obama

Barack Obama has been with Joe Biden for eight years. In his eight years of Presidency, Joe Biden was his Vice-President. He has seen Biden from a very close distance and knows many good qualities about him. As per Obama, Biden is someone who genuinely cares about other people. Moreover, Obama said, “Joe is somebody who I’ve never seen be anything less than decent. He is somebody who genuinely cares about other people and is interested in them and treats them with kindness, and respect, and enthusiasm, and curiosity.”

Obama Will Be Watching Biden From the Stands

Barack Obama has no interest in going back to politics. He recently released his autobiography where he talked about his political career and personal life in detail. After his presidency, he is leading a quiet life with Michelle. Like other Americans, he is hoping that Biden will do a good job as the President and he won’t interfere with Biden and his decisions. Moreover, he said, “I’m just gonna be like other American citizens, praying for him, hoping for his success. I will be confident that he’ll be up to the job.”

Barack Obama Joe Biden

Source: People

Obama Is Confident That Biden Has A Great Team

Obama is confident about the people who will be helping Biden during his Presidency. He knows that Kamala Harris will be a very competent Vice-President.

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