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Beyonce’s 8-Year-Old Daughter, Ivy Carter Makes It To The Grammy’s Nominations For ’Brown Skin Girl’.



You would probably be shocked after hearing this. Beyoncé’s 8-year-old daughter hits the score for the Grammys for ‘brown skin girl’. Not not just that many other celebrities were nominated in this list as well. From Cardi B, Beyonce, Dua Lipa Ariana Grande and several others. and talking about Beyonce she has been leading in nine of the categories. fans are very excited about it as the ‘brown skin girl’ is a whole different vibe and deserves the hype.  Check out everything you need to know about it.


Recently the list of nominated celebrities for the Grammys has been released. Fans have seen many of their favourite celebrities in several categories nominated. However Beyonce is the most nominated woman in the Grammys 2020 list. Fans aren’t really shocked about it since she deserves it. Not not just that she has become the most nominated woman in the history of Grammy awards. And the second women with the highest wins. Total total number of wins is 24.

The Grammys Nominations

Talking about the best of, she was nominated for the Best music video in which her a song brown skin girl was. This song is so special as it celebrates the natural beauty of every girl. It is one of the most beautiful music video one could ever see. and the best thing about it is that Beyonce‘s eight-year old daughter is featured in the music video. However,  song encourages brown beauty and that beauty doesn’t come under a colour shape or size.


The music video was officially released three months ago. And received immense love and fame from people all around the world. Especially Beyonce‘s eight-year-old daughter Ivy Carter. she was beautiful in the music video and had the compassion to share her point of view that beauty comes in all colour. However, Ivy even received her first award for her music video feature.

Beyoncé Breaking All Records

Meanwhile Beyonce is nevertheless she has been nominated for several different categories and fans expect her to win most of them. Beyonce even won 24 awards in the 2020 nominations. And has already been nominated for the 2021 and will be competing against herself for two of her best music videos. However, the two music videos are black Prada and Savage.

Picture via Youtube.

However Beyonce is not the only one in this list for the 2021 nominations. There have been other queen bees as well as fighting for the same. Black Pumas, DaBaby, Doja Cat, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, and Post Malone standing strong in the list and have the probability to win as well. However, nobody can deny the fact that till the time they win some awards Beyoncé have already received a lot.


Talking about the 2021 Grammy awards Beyonce has been nominated for several categories from Best music video two Best film choreography and many others. it will be held in January 2021 and fans are looking forward to knowing who ing who will win. However fans can expect their absolute fav Beyoncé to win many award.


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