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Black Ink Crew: Ryan Hitting His Best Friend’s Baby’s Mom, Quite A Thrill!




Ryan And Rachel Are Dating

Well, Chicago star Ryan always is known to be a ladies man. He has a reputation for being closed with almost all the ladies. He had several relationships in the past and very much engaged in ladies. The star is quite famous, and he has a charm that pulls the ladies towards him.

He is for many days now being linking with Rachel. Well connecting with anyone is not worse than when the lady is your best friend’s baby’s mom then definitely there is a problem. The self-proclaimed foodie earlier linked with Kit but he could not get along with her for long.

Speculations are there that Ryan was inclined to Rachel and he dumped Kit for the lady. Though there is no official confirmation but seems things are already hitting up a lot. Ryan and Anthony shared a great bond, and they are the best friend.

Anthony And Ryan Shared A great Bond.

For Anthony, Ryan is his Godfather, and he obeys him a lot. Rachel is also aware of their bond and the trio used to share a great bond. Well, we can’t blame Rachel, as it’s Ryan’s personality that pulls every lady to him.

On the other hand, Anthony was fighting cancer for many days, and it’s not very long he diagnosed well and recovered. And as soon as he got out of the disease, he learned about his baby’s mother is dating his best friend.



He is pissed off at both, especially at Anthony because he is his best friend and godfather. He could not expect anything like this from Ryan and is dealing with it badly. According to the sources, Anthony got to know about this soon after he back home.

Ryan Was Smashing His Best Friend Behind The Back

He checked his baby’s mom’s phone and caught her red-handed. Well, reports are also saying that Ryan and Anthony’s Baby’s mom is sleeping with each other for over a year behind Anthony.

The trio is having a lousy time seems where Anthony is on quite the right side as his Baby’s mother and bro Ryan smashing behind is for quite a long time. Well, neither Ryan nor Anthony’s baby’s mother came out yet with any specification.

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