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Britney Spears Has Not Talked To Father Jamie For FOUR MONTHS Due To Her Lawyer !



Britney Spears and Jamie

Britney Spears And Jamie Talked Regularly Amid Court Battle

Britney Spears and Jamie have a sour relationship at the moment. They are not on talking terms and Jamie isn’t thrilled about it. He recently revealed that he misses his daughter and wants the old love back. However, with the battle of conservatorship going on, there is nothing much he can do. Jamie’s lawyer revealed that he and Britney talked cordially amid the legal proceeding but are not on talking terms now. She said, “There has always been a mutual love and respect for each other. In fact, they had spoken just the day before and had had a pleasant and collaborative conversation.”

Britney Spears and Jamie

Source: Page Six

Jamie And Britney Spears Stopped Talked Due To Her Lawyer

Jamie’s lawyer revealed that he and Britney were on talking terms. However, she cut all contacts with him after her lawyer instructed her to do so. Moreover, Jamie’s lawyer said, “Until Britney’s court-appointed attorney Sam Ingham abruptly instructed Jamie not to contact Britney a few months ago, Jamie and Britney had spoken often and regularly throughout the entire conservatorship.”

Britney Spears Did Not Feel Respected In Front Of Jamie

When Jamie was the conservator of Britney, it meant he took all her decisions. Even the smallest things she bought had to be approved by him. However, as per one source, things had turned ugly between the two. Jamie started shooting down all requests without giving Britney a fair chance to explain. Furthermore, the source said, “She feels like he has no respect for her wishes. It’s a sad situation. Jamie has always had a tendency to shut down Britney’s requests without any discussion.”

Britney Spears and Jamie

Source: New York Daily Times

Court To Review Britney’s Assets Under Jamie’s Conservatorship

Court will review how Jamie has handled the assets that he had managed as the conservator of Britney. It will be an important hearing as it can significantly decide how Jamie was as a conservator of Britney.

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