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Brooklyn Gunfire: Indiana College Student Shot Dead Unintentionally



Brooklyn Gunfire

Brooklyn Gunfire Killed Innocent

Days come to you uncertain most of the time. Many a time, the happiest moment can turn into a horrible moment. And that happens recently to an Indiana College student. He was visiting New York for the first time and shot down in the Brooklyn gunfire incident.

A complete disaster for the family. Who sent the beloved son to fulfil his childhood dream of vising New York but the plan took his life most uncertainly. Ethan Williams, 20 years old film studies student. Always enthusiastic and would-be filmmaker. His love for cinema brought him to the city of his dream, but he could not cherish the plans because of the terrible gunfire.

Ethan Could Not Cherish The Dream

Ethan is a great Spiderman fan. He watched the film at the age of 3 4, and since then he falls in love with New York City. It was his childhood dream to visit New York once and finally, when he got the chance it snatches away his life in that visit.

The incident dramatically saddens Ethan’s parents and utterly in shock. They could not believe their son, who was so lively all the time is no more and lost his life in his dream city. Ethan’s father informed his son was working all summer real hard to save money. And with the money, he went to New York with his friend on a documentary project.

Brooklyn Gunfire

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As Ethan studies making a documentary is a part of his course and he is very creative in his work. He wanted to be a filmmaker and to fulfil the dream he visited New York with others to shoot the documentary. They rented a house in Brooklyn and working on their project.

Justice For Ethan

And then at around 2 am a bullet hits Ethan and most probably he lost his life on the spot. Though he was taken to Wyckoff Medical Center, that was of no use. Ethan could not live his dream and die at a tender age.

All his companions, along with the family, are deeply in shock, and they want justice for the young soul. No one has been arrested so far related to the gunfire.

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