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BTS’ RM Hints About Collab With Ariana Grande



Ariana Grande

BTS and Ariana Grande are two of the biggest artists in the world. The thought of their collab for a song has both their fans in a total frenzy.

Collab Rumors



The first rumors about a collab between Ariana and the boy band got public in May 2019. On September 20, Jungkook broadcast live on YouTube.  The detail on the eight-minute clip has fans theorizing about the collaboration of BTS’s Jungkook and Ariana Grande. Along with this, In the video, Jungkook is seen recording something in the studio. In order to avoid any spoilers, most of the audio is cut. One of the only sounds Jungkook retained can be found around 3:11.

Hints To The Collab

Ariana Grande

Image source: MTV

For instance, It was just him singing “yeah” over and over again. Jungkook asked if “yeah” was the main part of the song, and someone in the background could be heard saying, “No it isn’t. This is Seokjin’s part.

In addition to this, Ari shared a video in the studio that included a clip of a vocal sing along. This happened on September 15. After listening to Grande and Jungkook’s previews side-by-side, fans felt the tunes were quite similar.

Of course, fans didn’t think it was a coincidence, they had posted their teasers of days apart from each other. They were convinced a collaboration was happening. Jungkook playing Grande’s music in the background of her stream is another hint to their collab.

When To Expect

Billboard Music Awards 2020

Firstly, If the collaboration is happening, we have some ideas for when to expect it. Jungkook said he’s got a mixtape soon, so that’s a chance. Secondly, BTS is releasing another album before the end of 2020. Fans believe it’s likely it will drop in the next couple of months. Hence, It’s no risk to think that Grande and BTS are working on something together. They are both big fans of each other. On the 2020 Grammys red carpet in January, RM even revealed that they made up for it by training for their performances.

The Statements

Along with this, RM told Entertainment Tonight:

“Ariana is training next to our big studio and she said she wanted to see our rehearsal and what we’re doing, and we showed her … and we saw hers, so we know what she’s doing. done tonight and it’s the best, ”

Moreover, Speaking to Billboard on the Grammys red carpet, RM also said of Grande:

“We always want to collaborate with Ariana. She’s one of the best.”

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