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Calwood Fire Burns Down More Than 8,000 Acres In Utah!



Calwood Fire Utah

Calwood Fire Contained By 10 Percent In Utah

Utah and the regions near to it are currently under the clutches of wildfire with the fire department trying to contain it. The Calwood Fire is the one that has spread maximum till now. Moreover, by Sunday evening, the fire had spread to around 8,788 acres. This kind of wildfire is the biggest in the history of Boulder County. More than 20 houses have destroyed under the fire, and the environmental implications are yet to be assessed. However, on the plus side, 10 per cent of the fire has been contained. 

Calwood Fire Utah

Source: Wyoming Public Radio

What Is The Wildfire Department Trying To Do At The Moment

There is a lot of tension in and around Utah at the moment as many fires have started at the moment. The Calwood fire is more or less confirmed as a human-made fire. Moreover, as many as 250 firefighters are trying to contain the Calwood fire. Boulder County Sheriff’s Office Division Chief Mike Wagner gave an idea as to what the firefighters are trying to do at the moment. Moreover, he said, “That’s one of their number one things is to try to keep the fire knocked down and protect structures that have not been impacted by the fire yet.”

Aircraft To Be Used To Contain Calwood Fire In Utah

The Calwood fire looks most dangerous out of all the fires at the moment. Wagner revealed that the idea is to use aircraft to contain the fire. He said, “The plan was to try to hit the fire hefty with air resources this morning there were several aircraft on order with the conditions you see down here, and visibility aircraft can’t fly.”

Calwood Fire Utah

Source: Daily Herald

Three Thousand People Affected By Calwood Fire

As of Sunday evening, as many as 1600 homes and 2600 structures were included inside the evacuation zone. Moreover, this means as many as 3000 people have been affected by just the Calwood fire. “

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