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Carrie Fisher Secret Affair With Harrison Ford That They Kept Hidden For 40 Long Years.



The iconic couple after 40 years of dating rumours he finally opened up about their relationship. Carrie Fisher after almost 4 decades of secretly dating his love of life Harrison Ford has finally confirmed their relationship. The two have been having Secret affair for 40 long years. Even though there were a lot of rumours about the two dating each other there was no confirmation about it. And a lot of rumours about them dating each other and dating other people came and went. However, the confirmation did not come until now. Check out everything you need to know about it.


The Star Wars celebrity ahead had tons of ups and downs in their relationship. They even had a switch off their chemistry between them due to their on and off relationship. But they always hid it from the world. The two were even married to different people at a point of time but the chemistry they had between themselves I had a totally different spark. Every time they were seen together fans were curious if something was up but they didn’t share anything about it.

The Iconic Couple

During their first movie together rumours were there they were dating at the point since the chemistry between them was speechless. And how it is possible to have such a good chemistry with somebody you don’t even know. Fans then claimed that the two have been dating for a really long time. However, both of them kept the thing that hid it from the world and did not share about their affair to anybody.

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However when 60-year-old Harrison Ford died a lot of things came up about her including the fact that she was having a secret affair with Fisher. And that was the time when Carrie Fisher decided to open up about it. In several interviews he indirectly talked about the love of his life which is definitely Harrison Ford. He even shared how are things he had with her was so beautiful and lovely.

Carrie Fisher And Harrison Ford

Fans found it very suspicious that they were secretly dating for 40 long years I am still they kept it hidden from the world. And how is it possible to keep such a big thing he did for four decades long. Moreover Ben Harrison Ford shared about his relationship he faced a lot of backlash and the responses from his fans and people around the world.


fans of fans even claimed that it was unfair for them to not have to know about their secret relationship until Carrie died. But they appreciate their beautiful chemistry and relationship they had for 40 long years. Moreover, Carrie Fisher even shared about his experiences with his love of life. He even talked about the chemistry he had with her on and off screen and how it got affected after they were having an intense affair. What do you think about their secret relationship?


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