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Charley Pride, 86 Dies Due To Coronavirus…Sparks CMA Awards Controversy !



Charley Pride

Charley Pride Dies At The Age Of 86 Due To Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many lives. The picture becomes scary when we see our favorite celebrities getting the virus. Many media personalities have tested positive for coronavirus but almost all of them overcame it. However, Hollywood suffered a very big loss when Charley Pride left the world due to coronavirus. The official statement read, “It is with great sadness that we confirm that Charley Pride passed away this morning, Saturday, December 12, 2020, in Dallas, Texas of complications from Covid-19 at age 86.”

Charley Pride

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Charley Pride Contracted Coronavirus In Late November

In the official statement, it was revealed that Charley was admitted for coronavirus in Late November. However, his health spiraled down and the doctors could not save him. He was aged  86 at the time of his death and people of that age get a more serious attack from the virus. Furthermore, the statement read, “He was admitted to the hospital in late November with Covid-19 type symptoms and despite the incredible efforts, skill, and care of his medical team over the past several weeks, he was unable to overcome the virus.”

Charley Pride Would Wants His Fans To Take Coronavirus Seriously

Charley Pride’s demise due to coronavirus is a reminder to the people that they should not take the virus lightly. In the official statement, it read that even Charley would want his fans to take the virus seriously. It said, “Charley felt blessed to have such wonderful fans all over the world. And he would want his fans to take this virus very seriously.”

Charley Pride

Source: Country Music Association

Charley Pride’s Demise Creates Controversy Over CMA Awards

Charley Pride last went to the CMA Awards where he got the lifetime achievement award. However, the award ceremony happened indoors despite the threat of the spread of the virus. Fans believe that Charley got the virus from the award ceremony and their carelessness led to his death.

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