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Charlie Crist Set To Challenge Ron DeSantis For Florida Governor !



Charlie Crist Florida

Charlie Crist To Run For Florida Governor As A Democrat

Charlie Crist announced that he would run for Florida Governor. He is a former Republican and will now run for governor as a Democrat. Crist criticized the current Governor Ron DeSantis for the way he has governed Florida. Moreover, he warned the people that DeSantis would be an obstacle for them if they vote for him as the Governor. Crist said, ““Gov. DeSantis’ vision of Florida is clear. If you want to vote, he won’t help you. If you’re working, he won’t support you. That’s not a vision for our state.”

Charlie Crist Florida

Source: ABC News

Charlie Crist Criticizes Ron DeSantis For His Handling Of Pandemic In Florida

Charlie Crist is not impressed with how DeSantis has handled the pandemic in Florida. Moreover, he went on to accuse the current Governor of not listening to the health experts and acting carelessly during the pandemic. As far as Crist is concerned, DeSantis has let down the people of Florida with the way he navigated the state through the pandemic. Furthermore, Charlie Crist said, “He’s failed to lead during the greatest health and economic crisis of our lifetime. Local officials were forced to fend for themselves, without direction from our state. Scientists and doctors offered advice but he listened to quacks and conspiracy theorists.”

Charlie Crist Florida

Source: Bay News 9

Ron DeSantis Takes A Dig At Charlie Crist

Governor Ron DeSantis took a dig at Crist after he announced his run for Governor. DeSantis mocked Crist for changing parties all the time and losing the election time and again. Furthermore, he said, “I just wonder which party is he going to run under? Do we know for sure? I thought about it because you know, he’s run as a Republican and lost, independent and lost, Democrat and lost. Now I see he’s voting with [U.S. House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi 100 percent of the time. He could probably give it a run for the Green Party in San Francisco. So, who knows what is going to happen with that?”

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