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Chris Hemsworth And Elsa Pataky Celebrate 10 Years Of Relationship. Check Out Their relationship Timeline.



Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky’s have recently completed 10 years of their marriage and have celebrated it with a blast. this is the couple got married after one year of dating and their spark never went off. They are still in love as much as they were when they first met. And they finally completed their 10 years and are celebrating it together. Fans are very excited and happy for them. Check out everything you need to know about it.


The famous actor Chris Hemsworth and model Elsa Pataky tied the knot in 2010 just after one year of dating. At first fans didn’t believe them as much. It was considered to be a normal fling type of a relationship that will get over soon. Nobody expected it to last this long and maybe until forever. However the couple managed to keep their relationship at their best and so their career. The adorable couple celebrate their 10 years of relationship and have a blast.

10 Years Of Marriage

It all started with Chris Hemsworth meeting his love of life in 2010 just two months before they got married. they met in red carpet debut at an event hosted by LACMA in Los Angeles. And that is how it all started. Just after meeting and hanging out for a few months the two got married. They knew that there is no turning back after that I’m still there love stayed the same.

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In 2012 the couple welcomed their first child their daughter ‘India’. Later in 2014 they had their twin children ‘Tristan’ and ‘Sasha’. And all of them live like a happy family. In 2018 Elsa gave an interview where she claimed that right after she met Chris Hemsworth she was ready to take her parent till journey in a few years. She even claimed that she is so much in love with him that she couldn’t have imagined it with anybody else.

Chris Hemsworth And Elsa’s Love Story

And same with Chris the two of them have given a lot to their family and to each other. In 2019 Chris even took a big Break from his acting career to take care of his family and spend more time with them. And every time he thought his family needed him more he didn’t even think twice to keep other things aside. Elsa and Chris have been great for each other in all their ups and downs.


In several interviews Chris Hemsworth has talked about his supermodel wife. Who is equally good as a mother wife and a human. The two have recently completed 10 years of their marriage. And have claimed that they are very happy with each other and looking looking forward to take their happy relationship forward.


Fellow celebrities and fans from all over the world have wished them the best. They have even praised and appreciated their relationship all over the internet. Fans think they have one of the best relationship in Hollywood. And they are right about it. What do you think about Chris and Elsa‘s love story.

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