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Cobby – The Chimpanzee Was A Favorite Among Visitors Of San Francisco Zoo !



Cobby Chimpanzee

San Francisco Zoo Officials Heartbroken By Death Of Oldest Chimpanzee Cobby

The death of the oldest chimpanzee in the world- Cobby has left the officials of San Francisco Zoo devastated. Tanya M. Peterson, executive director of the San Francisco Zoological Society was heartbroken about the death of Cobby. She showered praise on Cobby for being an amazing leader of the chimpanzee troop of the zoo. Moreover, she said, “Our hearts are broken with this devastating loss. Cobby was both a charismatic and compassionate leader of our chimpanzee troop. For so many years, he was a protective companion, demonstrating patience and resiliency.”

Cobby Chimpanzee

Source: Marianne Hale

Chimpanzee Cobby Was A Favorite Among Visitors Of San Francisco Zoo

Chimpanzee Cobby has been in the San Francisco zoo long enough to become a favorite among the staff members. However, his popularity is not just limited to the people working in San Francisco zoo. The visitors of the zoo had also become fond of him. For Peterson, Cobby was the first animal with whom she developed a personal connection as the director. Moreover, she said, “He also was a favorite of visitors and staff, recognizing so many of us. He was one of the first animals whom I personally knew as Director. His death will be felt deeply by our staff, many of whom cared for him for decades.”

Cobby Chimpanzee

Source: Patch

Cobby Touched Many Lives, Says Peterson

As per Peterson, Cobby touched many lives when he was alive. What stood out about him was his beard which was unique from other chimps. Furthermore, Peterson said, “He touched so many lives, and people have so many memories of him. He is irreplaceable, and our hearts are broken. We will all miss seeing his handsome grey beard watching over us from the top platform of the yard.”

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