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Cobby, World’s Oldest Chimpanzee Dies In San Francisco Zoo At 63 !



Cobby Chimpanzee

Oldest Chimpanzee In The World Living In San Francisco Zoo Passes Away

The oldest chimpanzee in the world who goes by the name of Cobby has passed away. He lived in the San Francisco Zoo and died at the age of 63. He came to the San Francisco zoo in the 60s and had been living there ever since. The cause of his death has not yet been determined. However, there is little doubt that old age was primarily the reason why he died. The officials at the zoo had formed a personal connection with Cobby and will miss him now that he is gone forever.

Cobby Chimpanzee

Source: Patch

Cobby’s Death Will Be Hard On His Two Companions

Cobby had two companions all this while- Minnie and Maggie who were always with him in the zoo. However, the death of Cobby will definitely affect the two female chimpanzees. He had been with the two female chimpanzees for the last 42 years. Minnie and Maggie are both 52 years old. After being with him for more than four decades, it won’t be easy for Minnie and Maggie to continue without him. If a chimpanzee is living in the wild, his average life expectancy is 33 years. However, if the chimpanzee is living in a zoo-type area under human care, he can live up to 50-60 years.

Cobby Chimpanzee

Source: KTVU

Cobby Had A Third Companion Who Died In 2013

Cobby was a performing chimpanzee before he came to the San Francisco Zoo. However, when he came here, he originally had three companions. Other than Minnie and Maggie, there was a third companion. She died in 2013 leaving Cobby with Minnie and Maggie. The four chimps came to San Francisco together. Cobby’s death will also be hard on the zoo staff who were used to seeing the oldest chimp every day.

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