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COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Are Being Halted: Possibility Of Early Development



COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

COVID-19 Vaccine Trials, Expectations

The COVID-19 is now taking a toll on the human race. It’s been 7-8 months, no proper cure for the viral disease is yet available. Many pharmaceuticals for many days trying to develop the vaccine as earliest as possible. But there is no ray of hope still. COVID-19 Vaccine Trials are halting continuously.

Oxford came first with its first COVID-19 Vaccine Trials and hoped and was most anticipated. Earlier Russia though claimed to have the vaccine, and soon they will make it available, but nothing comes after that. The news closed silently, and till then, no one talks about the Russian Vaccine.

However later Oxford came up with some genuine prove and they went ahead with their clinical trial. After a long process for a long time that had to halt the tests for some complications. Many problems were going on the post that but seem everything is ending for some or other complications.

Trials Are Being Halted Widely

AstraZeneca, who jointly was associated with Oxford University vaccine production halted the trials. Now Johnson & Johnson joined the halt, and they also stopped their clinical trials. Eli Lilly is another company that was giving high hope. But unfortunately, they also controlled the process due to complications.

Johnson & Johnson for COVID-19 Vaccine Trials reasons for the same and they clarified that post the trail as one patient shown-up with complications they had to stop the tracks. And other producers also reason something similar to that.

COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

Source: Harvard University

They also stated that the trails are not completely stopped and they are in an examining process. And soon they will be back with the new developments. And in any clinical trial, it is very natural to witness such a situation. Trials are happened because of tasting the doses.

Need Of The Hour

However, Johnson & Johnson was the first to come up with a single-dose vaccine. In others, there were multiple doses needed. They started the trial on 65 years old person who developed some complications. And to public interest and safety measures, the company had to halt their trail.

Out of all this, what is more, concerning is the growing number of patients for COVID-19. The virus is still spreading and not only vaccines; it kept the entire world to a halt.

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