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Cynthia Bailey Couldn’t Stop Crying At Her Wedding: Bravo Denied To Film The Event



cynthia bailey

Cynthia Bailey D-Day Ruined

Cynthia Bailey s D-Day turned did not goo well, according to the sources. She tied the knot with long-time boyfriend Mike Hill and supposed to be the best day of her life. But as Bravo denied to film the event, she could not stop crying at her wedding.

Her wedding is not going to be featured in the ROHA season. And the news was devastating for her. The possibility of not featuring in RHOA made her special day worst because it was her only hope to featuring in the show.

She begged to Bravo to film her wedding but could not make them agree to come over. It was the last-minute decision by the team, and Cynthia Bailey has nothing left with but crying her whole wedding. Her wedding turned out to be a nightmare for her for the incident.

Not Featuring In RHOA Season Anymore

She is afraid of not featuring for the next season of RHOA as this was her only storyline. She was very much excited about the event and planned everything accordingly. It is not easy to plan an entire wedding that, too in the COVID situation. But it wouldn’t have counted if the wedding went well according to her plan.

Not featuring in RHOA is her biggest fear which was the most anticipated this year by the fans as well. Her wedding was the biggest attraction for the RHOA season but not it seems impossible. Fans were also waiting for the wedding event to be featured in.

Coming to Bravo, they also had some genuine reason for not attending the wedding. Reportedly the invitation list was huge for 250 guests. Cynthia Bailey planned for a big fat wedding amid COVID, and this was the reason that leads to Bravo’s backout at the last moment.

Bravo’s Denial Breaks Her Heart

Cynthia Bailey though was very much aware of the situation, and she took all the precautions. The wedding took place at Governors Towne Club in Acworth, Georgia, and was with massive space to shared by all the guests.

Cynthia Bailey


She made a strict rule for all the guests to be with their mask and face shield and also maintain distance. All the guests are advised to use sanitiser, and security will keep in check on that. The guests might afraid of such strict rules, but then it was the need of the hour.

But amid all Bravo’s denial to film the wedding just ruined her day.

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