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Did Jaden Smith And His Rumored Boyfriend!



Smith and Tyler changed their heads in 2018 after Smith claimed he was in a relationship with the “Boredom” musician. The two had been friends and musical partners for a few years before Smith’s announcement. At a young age, Jenner became acquainted with Smith and met Tyler from the modelling industry.

Jaden Smith’s relationship with Tyler, the Creator

Smith has lost numerous signs that he and Tyler are dating over the years. Jaden Smith first shared his feelings for Tyler in 2018 at Tyler’s Camp Flog Gnaw case. Smith revealed that he and Tyler were in a friendship, eager to tell the world about it. While on-stage, a couple of Smith’s fans captured him talking directly to the microphone.

Smith also said that Tyler was his “boyfriend” on Twitter in January 2020. Tyler had just received his first Grammy Award for Best Rap Album for his 2019 project, Igor. Although Tyler never confirmed that he was in a relationship with Smith, the artists collaborated on various projects. Smith said to Happy Magazine that Tyler helped him create his sound for his record,

Tyler, on the last song, he told me that I was going to go back and that I wanted to look to read more music in general and think about the artists who come before me and listen to their music and take inspiration from it instead of just making it up,” Smith said. “So, I began to teach myself about music and listen to a lot of music I didn’t listen to before, and that’s how I started working on the record.

Did Jaden Smith date Kendall Jenner?

According to Page Six, Jenner ignited dating speculation with Smith at one of Smith’s private concerts in Brooklyn. Smith shocked his fans with a Grammy Week performance, and Jenner remained in the crowd until he finished singing. Then Jenner and Smith left the case.
Smith and Jenner’s date was one of the occasions that confronted friends with romantic gossip. Smith and Jenner’s girlfriend, Kylie, were both told in 2014 that they had a friendship while in high school. In a 2013 interview, Smith told Nylon that he’s friends with the Jenner family and loves spending time with them amid the media attention they attract.

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