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Donald Trump Flew To Florida, Skips Joe Biden Inaugural Session.



Trump recently announced that he will not be joining the inauguration session of president Joe Biden. And will be leaving Washington on the day of the inauguration and will be celebrating a farewell party away from the city. According to the reports Donald Trump has already fled to Florida to have his farewell at the Joint Base Andrews. The people of America are already disappointed with all his acts recently and now that he has denied his presence at the inaugural session of Joe Biden, Americans are shocked. Check out everything you need to know about it.


The reports have confirmed that Donald Trump will be leaving from Washington and will stay in Florida for a while. It already came into notice that he will not be attending the inaugural session of Joe Biden as he denied it recently. But fans are shocked as he leaves the city celebrate his farewell around the same time. Fans are very disappointed with Trump‘s recent acts and are very furious.

Trump Flew To Florida

Recently the White House officials planned the inaugural session for Joe Biden. Where in the former presidents were requested to attend including Donald Trump. But as for the fans they already know that Trump is having a hard time accepting he’s lost to Joe Biden as a president. And hence Trump confirmed that he will not be attending it. He left the city to Florida today where he will be celebrating its farewell with few of his closest member.

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Donald Trump recently created a lot of chaos that led to several deaths and injuries and loss of property. Donald Trump asked early supporter together near the Capitol M gate while to support him. He made several tweet that encouraged violence and disruption. Donald Trump supporters did exactly as he asked for. Last Wednesday over a thousand people gathered near the white house and started firing, killing,  and encouraging disruption.

Donald Trump Mis Acts

Former President Donald Trump continued to make several violent tweets thereafter as he was enjoying the fact that his supporters are fighting for him still. The social media officials especially Twitter warned Donald Trump to ban his account permanently if he further makes any violent tweets. However, Trump continued to do so and hence Twitter banned and suspended his account permanently. The mess created outside the White House was one of the worst incidents happened there in the history of America.


And not just that Donald Trump has now become the only president in the history of America to get two impeachments. However later on Donald Trump finally accepted his loss but confirmed that he will not be attending any events of Joe Biden. and hence reports have mentioned that he has already left for Florida and won’t be living in the same city as long as the inaugural session of Joe Biden continues. Fans are more than disappointed with the action of Donald Trump. However, it is also believed that he is better or somewhere else as he might create chaos there as well.


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