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DoorDash CEO Tony Xu Is The Highest Paid San Francisco Bay Area CEO, Earns $413 million In 2020 !



Tony Xu DoorDash

DoorDash CEO Tony Xu Is The Highest Paid San Francisco Bay Area CEO In 2020

San Francisco Business Times released its annual list of 100 highest-paid CEOs from the Bay Area. For the year 2020, DoorDash CEO Tony Xu topped the list for the year of pandemic. Even with coronavirus crippling most of the businesses, Tony earned a whopping $413 million in 2020 and took the top spot on the list. Most of the earning came in the form of stock awards. He earned a salary of $300,000 even when the pandemic was going on. People were ordering food through DoorDash during the pandemic due to which the company earned 288.6 crores USD as revenue.

Tony Xu DoorDash

Source: New York Post

IPO Of DoorDash Helped Tony Xu In Maximizing His Revenue

One of the main reasons why Tony saw a rise in his earning is because of the IPO of DoorDash. As mentioned earlier, most of the earnings in 2020 came in the form of stock awards. The company went public in December 2020 and raised $3.37 billion. The company’s valuation touched $30 billion soon after going public. Tony has a 5 percent stake in the company and saw his wealth go up with the increase in valuation. One stock market analyst called the IPO by DoorDash the most ridiculous IPO of 2020.

Mark Zuckerberg

Source: Inc. Magazine

Mark Zuckerberg Ranks 25 In Highest-Paid CEOs From The Bay Area

Facebook has its headquarters in Menlo Park which falls under Bay Area. Therefore, he also made it to the list. Surprisingly, he is not at the top of the list. Zuckerberg earned close to $25 million in 2020 which put him at number 25 on the list. Uber exec Dara Khosrowshahi had a bad year in 2020 as his earning declined by $30 million compared to his earnings in 2019. However, he still managed to earn $12 million in 2020. The 100 entrepreneurs added $2.8 billion in the form of earnings in 2020. With the pandemic slowly taking an exit, the earnings are expected to go higher this year.

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