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Dua Lipa’s Boyfriend Anwar Hadid Bashed By Fans For Being Anti-Vaccine!



Dua Lipa’s boyfriend Anwar Hadid who is also Gigi Hadid‘s brother Faced a lot of backlash after making statements about the vaccine. Fans believe that Anwar Hadid is anti-vaccine and has a different perspective which is probably not accepted. The 21-year-old claimed that he would absolutely not take the Covid vaccine no matter what. Fans are just shocked at he’s a response and do not believe him. Moreover, fans even dragged Dua Lipa into it. check out everything you need to know aboin.


Anwar Hadid was having a Q&A session with his Instagram followers. He was trying forest fires to get to know him better. The famous sibling of Gigi and Bella was asked a bunch of questions about his dating life, famous sisters and more. A bunch of personal and private questions were asked however one question that got a lot of attention from people was the one related to the Covid vaccine. The 21-year-old was asked if he would take Covid 19 vaccine. which he responded by saying that he wouldn’t take it.

Anwar Faces Backlash

For those of you all who don’t to know about it and Anwar also suffers from Lyme disease. The disease has been transmitted from her mother Yolanda. Gigi and Bella tend to have the same disease as well. However when Anwar was asked questions related to Covid 19 his response was totally unexpected and fans were shocked about it. At first fans couldn’t understand is why he would speak such a thing. Specially during a pandemic like this.

Picture via Instagram.

Anwar Hadid added a bunch of stories on his Instagram Talking about COVID-19 and why wouldn’t he take the vaccine. At first he claimed that he would absolutely not take the vaccine. Later when asked about the reason he claimed that “Either I just don’t get it or I get it and god willing heal from it and get antibodies rather than do that process naturally, our bodies are made by the creator to do way more than we think,” Anwar added.

Fans Responses

Anwar might be expecting for his fans to show some support to him. But the tables for turned and he faced a lot of backlash for it. Soon after the pictures of his stories went viral fans are crazy about it. Sen started trolling her on his Instagram account saying that he is anti-vaccine and he’s not hoping for the vaccine to be made.


According to the fans it was a very sensitive topic to touch and he would have talked about it considering the situation and being sensitive enough. During the pandemic thousands and thousands of people have died. People have lost their relatives jobs houses and everything. And for a privileged person to come and tell that they don’t need a vaccine isn’t the right thing to say. According to the fans, it is one of the most controversial statements made.


Anwar has not responded to the backlash yet. What do you think about it? Stay tuned with us for more such details about your favourite TV show and celebrity.
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