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Eddie Van Halen: The Unsung Name Behind The Best Of Jackson’s Beat It



Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen Behind Beat It

Eddie Van Halen: The Unsung Name Behind The Best Of Jackson’s Beat It: Everyone knows about Michael Jackson’s Beat It. But a few know about the person behind the great mix of pop and rock. Yes, Eddie Van Halen who made it successful by his excellent solo performance with the guitar. He was one of the greatest guitarists of all time, died at the age of 65 due to throat cancer.

Quincy Jones wanted some rock mix for the song which Micheal wrote for thriller mix. But it was only beat the pop and the rhythm was missing which producer Quincy wanted. The story took a turn from there and he began to search for some element that can give the pop a mix of rock.

Eddie Van Halen was quite known for his excellent guitar skills at that time and Jones did not take much time to make a call. Van Halen was not accepting a call from the great Quincy Jones and he thought of it as a prank call. But he very soon got back to his senses and realized that it was a call from his only.

How Eddie Van Halen Got The Song

Quincy requests him to give a fantastic track to Michael Jackson’s new thriller song Beat It. Halen didn’t take much time and immediately agreed to do the assigned work. He took merely 20 minutes to form the rock version of Beat It. But surprisingly enough he demanded nothing for his contribution to the song. Whereas he is responsible for some changes in the lyrics, but he never asks for the credit.

Eddie Van Halen


Halen Did It Free Of Cost

Yes, Eddie Van Halen deserved a lot of appreciation for Beat It but he never got so. Instead, he never asked for it. Working with two of the biggies in the industry like Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones was already enough for him. Maybe he could not demand anything better than this. Though later he realised that he should have a credit for the song but then it was too late.


He was coming to if Halen performed with Michael on stage? Yes, during Michael’s Victory Tour in Texas with Jacksons Brother he got a chance to share the stage and heat the beat with his guitar.

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