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Ellen DeGeneres Has A New Hairstyle Amid Controversy !



Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres Changes Her Hairstyle

Ellen DeGeneres is trying her best to change her fate. This time she has decided to change her hairstyle to bring some freshness into her talk show. It has been years since Ellen has kept more or less same hairstyle. However, in her episode dated three weeks back, she comes on with a new look. Ellen usually has her hair like a side parting in a really cool way. However, in her latest hairstyle she has her hair combed back. It was certainly not better than what she had already but a change is always worth a shot.

Ellen DeGeneres

Source: Page Six

Ellen DeGeneres Show Takes A Hit In Ratings

The Ellen DeGeneres Show resumed a few months back after the coronavirus pandemic. However, it is not the same anymore. The eighteenth season started amid a lot of controversy. Ellen came back even after negative allegations from her employees. Moreover, with the pandemic, she did not have a live audience and had virtual audience. The charm is certainly lost and people are sceptical about watching it. This is the reason that the ratings for the show has taken a big hit.

Ellen DeGeneres Allegations Of Toxic Workplace

The pandemic was not merciful to Ellen at all. There was a Twitter wave where several ex and current employees of the show complained of toxic workplace environment. Moreover, many people also alleged that she is not the kind person that she potrays herself as in the show. There were allegations of sexual harassment against two of the executive producers of the show. The movement spread like wildfire and Ellen’s name and reputation took a huge hit.

Ellen DeGeneres

Source: Daily Mail

Ellen Apologizes For The Allegations

Ellen released a statement apologizing to her staff and the people for allegations of toxic workplace in her show. This was not it. She also expelled the two executive producers after they were found guilty of it in an internal investigation.


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