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San Francisco

Experts Say San Francisco Might Be The First City To Reach Herd Immunity !



San Francisco

San Francisco Might Have Reached Herd Immunity, Says Expert

San Francisco currently has a very high vaccination rate. That is reflected in the low COVID cases recorded in the city. However, according to Dr. George Rutherford, professor of epidemiology at the University of California, the city might have reached herd immunity by now. Earlier it was said that 60-70% of people need to be vaccinated to attain herd immunity. However, with many variants coming into the picture, many experts have revised the number to 80-90%. Moreover, Rutherford said, “That is what herd immunity looks like. You’re going to have single cases, but they’re not going to propagate out.”

Vaccination in San Francisco

Source: UCSF

Where Does San Francisco Stand When It Comes To Vaccination

San Francisco has been very proactive when it comes to vaccination. People are coming up to take the vaccine shot and that has contributed immensely to bring down the cases. At present, 68 percent of people eligible to take the vaccine are fully vaccinated. Almost 80% of San Francisco eligible people have taken at least one dose of vaccine in San Francisco. Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, an associate dean at UCSF also thinks that San Francisco has reached herd immunity if you also take into consideration the number of people who have tested positive for the virus. Furthermore, Dr. Chin-Hung said, “I’m hoping that people will still go out and get vaccinated and not rest on their laurels. The virus will always be something we need to think about.”

Vaccination in San Francisco

Source: CBS

Door-To-Door Vaccination- The Next Step For SF

San Francisco has reached a point where the number of people left to take the vaccine is very low. Mary Ellen Carroll, director of San Francisco’s Department of Emergency Management feels the next step for the city is to start with door-to-door vaccination. She said, “Taking vaccine door-to-door and delivering this life-saving measure to homebound seniors and people with disabilities will help push San Francisco through the last mile of our vaccine program.”

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