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Gavin Newsom Is Way Ahead Of Caitlyn Jenner In Race For California Governor !



California Governor

Gavin Newsom Might Retain The Position Of California Governor

California Governor Gavin Newsom is currently fighting to save his political career. He is facing a recall election and there is a long battle ahead of him. As the elections keep getting closer, there is a high chance that he would retain his position. Republicans fought very hard to get the signatures for the recall election. However, there campaign has seen very little growth since then. Newsom, on the other hand, has been focusing on image building. The main complaint of Californians was the effect on economy due to the restrictions imposed by Newsom. However, Newsom has announced a new plan called the California Comeback Plan. He will use $100 billion budget surplus to fund this plan and revive the economy.

California Governor

Source: Action News Now

Caitlyn Jenner Doesn’t Stand A Chance To Become California Governor

A Republican candidate who is fighting to become California governor is Caitlyn Jenner. She has been doing many interviews lately to increase her popularity as a candidate. Moreover, she has also released her first campaign ad. However, all of these efforts have not improved the chances of Caitlyn to become the next Governor. As per the results from a latest survey, only 6 percent of the Californians are considering to vote Caitlyn for the recall election. That is pretty bad considering the effort she is putting.

California Governor

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Caitlyn Jenner Takes A Dig At Gavin Newsom

Caitlyn has been constantly tweeting about the failures of the Newsom administration. In one of her latest tweets, she criticized Newsom for his overly strict COVID regulations. It led to shutting down of schools and losses for businesses in California. Caitlyn said, “While Gavin Newsom was telling us to stay home during the pandemic, he was caught having dinner with his lobbyist friends. His excessive shutdown hurt businesses and took away a year of schooling from our children. We can’t let him do that to us ever again.”

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