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Gina Reveals Braunwyn’s Husband Sent Her Creepy Text On Previous Season Of Real Housewives !



Braunwyn Windham-Burke Makes Fun Of Gina Kirschenheiter On Real Housewives

The Real Housewives Of Orange County is turning into an exciting affair at the moment. Recently, Braunwyn Windham-Burke and Gina Kirschenheiter are going through a cold war. Moreover, Braunwyn made fun of Gina for her new house. However, she was gossiping with other Housewives and called Gina’s house a tiny condo. Gina recently moved into a condo with her boyfriend after divorce from her husband. “That just sounds awful,” Braunwyn said of the condo.

Real Housewives

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Gina Kirschenheiter Decides To Call Braunwyn Windham-Burke On Real Housewives

Gina got to know that Braunwyn was making fun of her and her house and decided to confront her about it. Moreover, she made a call to her and openly asked, “I heard you’re taking shots at me.” Braunwyn was very much open and admitted to the allegations without any second thoughts. However, there was a reason why Braunwyn was gossiping and making fun of Gina. Moreover, Gina made claims that Braunwyn’s husband Sean had sent a creepy text to her. This did not go down well with Braunwyn who said, “I’ve learned some things you’ve said about my husband and they’re not cool.”

Gina Kirschenheiter Reveals Braunwyn’s Husband Sean Sent Her Creepy Text On Ex-Real Housewives Star Vicki

Gina made some bold allegations in her confessional about Braunwyn’s husband Sean sending her creepy text. The incident goes back to the birthday party of ex-Real Housewives star Vicki Gunvalson last year. Sean had booked an Uber for Gina and then later sent her a message. The message read, “Hi Gina, just checking in all is OK 🙂 Braunwyn is asleep, but I got her to the condo first. Anyway, have a good night, and it was great to spend time with you 🙂 Oh, this is Sean probably should have started with that.”

Real Housewives

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Braunwyn Refuses To Discuss Creepy Text Issue On Phone

Braunwyn was furious and refused to talk to Gina over the phone and wanted to talk about it face to face. Moreover, she said, “If you want to talk to me, you can come over, I can go to your house … I want to look you in the eye and you say it to my face.”

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