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Google Fi now offers Unlimited Plan with 100GB cloud storage & unlimited data, calls, & text



Google Fi, a mobile virtual network operator, is growing faster. It works by piggybacking on wireless networks such as Verizon and provide cellular coverage to make calls and text and use mobile data, etc. Google has been adding new compatible devices ever since it was introduced and last year, it added iPhones and this year, it introduced its SIM cards available at Best Buy as well. It recently announced new unlimited plans that are truly enticing.

To commence with, Google Fi Unlimited plan offers users to the services to make free calls (unlimited), send texts (unlimited) and finally, unlimited data usage and that’s all will be distributed in a family subscription. According to the catalog, the Google Fi Unlimited Plan for Family. The plan also includes free SMS and data in over 200 destinations with free calls from the United States to 50 other countries but that’s not all. Google Fi is offering a massive 100GB of cloud storage to its users with Google One membership that allows users to store 100GB of data from their phones and devices. This is seven times more than what Google Drive offers to its users as a free plan for each Gmail users and is shared across Google Photos, Google Drive, and other Google services.

According to Engadget, Google Fi Unlimited plan is available at $70 for a single line and goes down to $60 each for 2 lines, $50 per line for 3 lines, and finally, a larger $45 per line plan for 4 to 6 lines. Although the plan attracts government fees and taxes, it doesn’t attract any activation fees or contract whatsoever.

Apart from that, it already has a Flexible for 1 plan starting at $20/mo and offers free calls and SMS, mobile hotspot tethering, affordable calls across other countries starting as low as a cent per minute and offers international data at $10/GB while internal SMSes are free.

Google is also working on setting up its mobile carrier in partnership with a leading telecom carrier while the acquisition of assets and spectrum from Sprint are on the way. Users who are looking forward to getting the new plan can enjoy a 50% discount on Pixel 3 or Pixel 3XL on purchase.

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