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Governor Andy Beshear Plans To End All COVID Restrictions In Kentucky By July !



Kentucky Andy Beshear

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear Wants People To Be Patient With The Virus For Their Kids

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear wants people continue with the restrictions and other mitigation measures for a little longer. As per him, if the cases increase again, kids will have to shift back to online mode of learning. Therefore, he asked the people to be patient so that their kids can continue to go to schools and learn in-person. There have been calls from the opposition to end the restrictions in the state. However, Beshear wants to be on the safer side so that the cases don’t rise again. He said, “We have to make sure we continue sacrificing a little bit longer so that our kids can get through school.”

Kentucky Andy Beshear

Source: The University of Virginia

Andy Beshear Aiming To End All Restrictions By July In Kentucky

Andy Beshear further revealed that all the restrictions in the state would come down only by July. By that time, a large population of Kentucky would be vaccinated. That is also the reason why it would be safe to end the restrictions by July. Moreover, Beshear said, “I’m hoping we’ll be fully done with all capacity restrictions by July. That is my expectation. We don’t have to be patient for that much longer, but we do have to finish our work and protect the people around us.” However, GOP Chairman Mac Brown is not impressed with the restrictions and want them to end as soon as possible. He called out Beshear for continuing with the restrictions and letting people suffer. Furthermore, Brown said, “Kentuckians have had enough of Gov. Beshear’s political posturing and gamesmanship on reopening.”

Kentucky Andy Beshear

Source: WXVU

Andy Beshear Urges People To Take The Vaccine Shot

The only way to end the pandemic is to get as many people vaccinated as possible. Beshear urged the people of Kentucky to take the vaccine shot and encourage others to do the same. Moreover, he said, “Let’s just get people vaccinated and we can be done. Please, treat your neighbor as yourself. Get vaccinated to protect everybody around you.”

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