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Governor Mike DeWine Tours Across Ohio To Promote Tourism Week !



Mike DeWine Ohio

Governor Mike DeWine Takes A Tour Of Ohio On Tourism Day

Governor Mike DeWine decided to personally promote Ohio tourism as the state marked this week as tourism week. DeWine travelled across Ohio to boost the tourism of the state. Two days ago, he had announced during a press conference about his Ohio tour for the tourism week. He said, “Fran and I will be traveling the state on Wednesday and we’re going to see some of the different sites in Ohio, but it would take months to see everything and you couldn’t get done in a whole year.” DeWine went to three main stops for his Ohio tour which included Cleveland.

Mike DeWine Ohio

Source: WVXU

Mike DeWine Excited About People Coming To Ohio For Summer

The Governor thinks Ohio is the perfect vacation spot. He said, “Whatever you want to see is certainly very, very much in Ohio.” He is excited for the summer time as he is hopeful that people will choose Ohio as their vacation spot. During the last press conference, he urged Americans to keep Ohio in mind for vacation. He said, “Ohio has got so many wonderful things to see and we just encourage everyone this summer to go out and enjoy our great state.” Ohio’s economy hit a very rough patch, like every other state due to the pandemic. Tourism was probably the worst hit industry. Many Americans are planning to go on vacation in the next six months and DeWine wants to seize this opportunity.

Mike DeWine Ohio

Source: 10TV

DeWine Expects Tourism To Bounce Back Due To Vaccination

DeWine is confident that the tourism in his state is bounce back from the pandemic. He is hopeful because more and more people are taking the vaccine. As the vaccinated population increases, the economy will also start recovering slowly. DeWine said, “It really is our ticket back. If you want to have a great summer, the way you have a great summer is [to] not have to worry about it.”

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