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Governor Tim Walz Plans To End All COVID Restrictions By May 28 In Minnesota !



Minnesota Tim Walz

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz To End COVID Restrictions By May 28

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz held a press conference to make some big announcement regarding the pandemic in his state. Due to the vaccination efforts and the consistent decrease in cases, Tim Walz has decided to end the COVID restrictions by May 28 in his state. However, he will also increase the efforts to vaccinate the people of Minnesota so that the state reaches herd immunity as soon as possible. Walz said, “At the same time, we’re going to ramp up, step up and put our foot down on the gas on the vaccinations to end the statewide COVID-19 restrictions by May 28th.”

Minnesota Tim Walz

Source: Star Tribune

Tim Walz To Remove Mask Mandate In Minnesota On July 1

Tim Walz revealed that he only plans to remove the mask mandate by July 1. The mask mandate has played a very important role in containing the spread of the virus. People have been patiently waiting for the Governor to deliver this news. Moreover, it has only been possible due to the vaccination drive taking place in that state. If the state hits 70 percent vaccination before July 1, then Walz will consider removing the mandate at that time itself. He said, “And we’ll drop the state mask mandate by July 1st, or if we can hit 70% vaccinations because that has a incredible impact on what happens. And then of course, what we’re all going to do, we’re going to have a great summer, and this is right in front of us right now. So what we believe is cases are receding.”

Minnesota Tim Walz

Source: NY Times

Tim Walz Stresses About Vaccination To End Coronavirus

Tim Walz stressed on the aspect that the more people should come forward to take the COVID vaccine. Vaccination is the only way people can beat the virus and there are still many adults who haven’t come forward to take the vaccine shot. Moreover, Walz said, “We are still losing Minnesotans today and we can save those lives if we get folks vaccinated and we continue a little while longer on the things that need to be done.”

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