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Graham Norton Recalls The Time He Fakes A Stomach Ache That Led To His Appendix Removed !



Graham Norton

Graham Norton Reveals The Lie That Got Him In Trouble

Graham Norton is the king of talk show hosts. His talk show, The Graham Norton Show has been going on for years. Instead of asking guests about their stories and anecdotes, he shared one from his life. He recently about the time he lied about a stomach ache to skip school. Moreover, the lie led to many things and Graham eventually had surgery. The doctors did not realize he was faking the pain and thought he had appendicitis. He decided to not back off from his lie and had his appendix removed for no good reason.

Graham Norton

Source: PA

Graham Norton Reveals The Time He Reached The Doctor

Graham thought his lie would come to light after the doctors examine him. However, it went very differently. Moreover, he said, “So we go to the doctor, he’s examining me, I go, “ow,” and he said to go and sit in the waiting room. I’m thinking, ‘this is awful, he’s in there now telling my mother there is nothing wrong with me, I’m going to get in such trouble.'”

Graham Norton Recalls The Time The Doctors Talked To Him About The Surgery

Graham revealed how the doctors came to him and revealed about the surgery. Moreover, he was expecting his lie to get caught and it ended up with doctors asking for his appendix to be removed. He said, “‘I come back in and he says, “you’ve got something called appendicitis and so you’ll be going into hospital to have your appendix out.”

Graham Norton

Source: Daily Mail

Graham Jokes He Committed To His Lie

Graham realized he had screwed himself and decided to back his lie. Moreover, he said, “So now I’m thinking I’m really f**ked because either I have an operation that I don’t need or I tell this doctor that there is nothing wrong with me and I’ve got two very angry adults in the room.You’ve got to commit I always feel and that’s the mistake other children make. They don’t commit to their lie. I was keeping people employed.”

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