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Hilaria Baldwin May Have A Sixth Baby With Alec…But Not Anytime Soon!



Alec Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin May Have  A Fifth  Child With Alec Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin welcomed her baby boy Eduardo probably a month ago. She was very active during her pregnancy and gave frequent updates. Moreover, she also shared stories with her baby boy after he was born. However, in a recent interview, she revealed that she was not opposed to the idea of baby number six even though it won’t happen anytime soon. She said:

“Maybe. My kids are like, ‘Mommy, you have a baby in your belly?’ I was like, ‘Absolutely not.’ He’s three weeks old, absolutely not right now. We’ll see.”

Alec Hilaria Baldwin

Source: Us Weekly

Hilaria Baldwin Reveals Eduardo Is A Good Baby

Hilaria revealed in the interview that her baby boy has not yet gone wild with and has been pretty peaceful. She feels he is a good boy. With baby number five, she has probably got the hang of how to go about it. She said:

“I think when you’re the fifth child, you have to go with the flow. … He’s a good baby.”

Hilaria Baldwin Is Sleepy Due To Her Son

With a newborn baby, it is always difficult for the parents to catch some sleep as the baby may cry or wake up anytime. However, Hilaria feels all the little problems are worth it with her son Eduardo. She said:

“I’m so grateful and happy that … all of my little complaints don’t add up to how amazing it is, but it’s a lot. School started literally at the same time he was born and we’re still doing homeschool.”

Hilaria Baldwin

Source: Us Weekly

Alec Baldwin Is Not Doing Anything, Reveals Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria revealed that she doesn’t ask her husband, Alec, to do anything which is back in his SNL work. She said:

“The baby sleeps in the room, so he’s privy to all the times that I wake up, yet I’ve never asked him to do anything. I’ll go down and feed the dogs and make my coffee, and I’ll have him hold the baby for, like, seven minutes when the baby starts screaming because he realizes I’ve left them too far away from its food source. Alec has a very cushy life with me as a mommy because I’m not asking him to do anything.”

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