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Human-Sized Megabats: Existence And Reality!



Human-sized Megabats

Scariest Human-sized Megabats

Human-sized Megabats, well the name is scary enough to scare you at night by telling you some excellent bat story. Bats are though pretty much innocent and hardly hamper anyone. They are scared of humans, and when they trace you, they fly over your head out of fear, not to scare you instead.

But there is hardly anyone who is not scared of bats. It’s mostly because of their strange structure and enormous wings. Not all bats have huge wings, but some of them do have some large wings to freak you out seen them overhead. And when it comes to the Human-sized Megabats than, the name itself signifies the size of those bats.

Bat stories are there, and in words, they are always described as the scariest creature with a ghost-like appearance. Especially the horror movies made it worst for them because of their ghostly existence in an abandoned place. However, bats live in most of the left and dump places. They do not appear in sunlight and get out in search of food at night.

What’s The Reality

They are now coming to Human-sized Megabats. They are in several stories for quite some time, and people doubt their existence in real life. But yes, Megabats exist and very recently people are getting aware of the strange creature. And they are widely visible in some parts of the world.

The Megabats are not really of human-sized, that’s a massive size for a bat and would give it a monster appearance. Also a reason to afraid of the species more. So to all misconception about the Megabats are mostly because the way it is captured.

In the pictures, their wing looks really big and almost of human size. But actually, it appears as the same because of the camera angle. The image has taken from such an angle that it gives the viewer a comprehensive view of the creature, which is not. It just a try to create an illusion.

Features Of Human-sized Megabats

However, those Megabats are the largest of bat species with broad wings and are scary. They have a wingspan of 5 feet and about 11 to 13 inches in length of the body. And not as large as it is portrayed. A sigh of relief!

Human-sized Megabats


These are also known as Flying Fox and mostly found in Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Timor-Leste, and Thailand.

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