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In Wonder Trailer: Camila Is The Inspiration!



In Wonder

Camila Is The Inspiration

The Netflix Orginal documentary on Shawn Mendes trailer released. I wonder it is the name of the documentary where Netflix tried to cover the life of a famous pop singer in a nutshell. The video is beautifully done and describes Shawn as a regular boy to his journey to the singing world and the overall graph of his career.

There are few bites in the documentary where Shawn speakers his life and career choices. The Canadian singer revealed that his lady love Camila is the inspiration behind his every song. In one such bite, he said Camila is one for whom he writes all his songs. Mendes confesses in a very generic tone the love for his love and how she inspired him every time.

In Wonder Onboard

Well, a great honour for any partner and the best thing is the young singer did not shy away while confessing his love. Camila and Shawn are in a relationship for many days now, and both share a great bond. They collaborated for many albums and has an excellent relationship.

None of them ever shy away from confessing their love for each other, and the latest video is the proof. Camila also featured in the documentary In Wonder and is pretty natural. They both are the partner for many songs also is a big part of Shawn’s life.

A Documentary On Shawns Journey

The documentary shows many memories of Shawn’s childhood to the journey to be an immensely popular singer. In wonder describes all ups and downs and struggles of his life. His life and his determination to become a top-singer in the country.

In Wonder


The documentary starts with a clip where Shawn is taking a shower in a white towel wrapped in. The charmer kills it in the first shot itself and fans go gaga over his shirtless photo. The documentary shows the journey of his life very beautifully, with no part untouched crisply and beautifully.

The complete video releases on 23rd November 2020 on the Netflix platform fans are already very much excited to have a sneak-pick on the life of their favourite star. Hook for 23rd!

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